Saturday, March 16, 2013

Incognizant Gospel

Forgiveness is the biggest dilemma we face in today’s world. Nobody wants to forgive each other even for the minuscule mistakes someone makes, we put a mock face and we would sit with the people for drinks in the evening that hurt us and even enjoy it, but we will still hold a pint-sized hatred with that person. I am not a believer of Gandhi, but I can relate to this quote, it goes by, “The weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute of the strong”.
Forgiveness in relationship is more multiform and complex. Humans are indeed the most self-righteous creatures on earth; they can never accept the fallacious side of themselves. In the world of right and wrong our ideals are sometimes our biggest weapon to destroy our relationship. I’m not saying ideals are not important; they should be your prerogative stance in front of an unknown world, but for the person you care about, you should always make acceptable amends, eventually believe me or not they will start respecting your ideals. I can’t brush off, but it’s a fact as well that they deserve it in every essence, otherwise why were you with that person in the first place? I guess forgiveness only comes with true acceptance of your own self, when humans were built God made sure that we have our own flaws, otherwise the earth would have been a planet of Gods.

Life is like a never-ending trial you will rejoice your victory at certain points and feel bereaved at the very next moment. The only transcendent part of this trial is that you can choose your own jury to seek sympathy which in reality can be your friends or a lawyer who can be your companion or life partner to support you through the trial.  What I wanted to imply was,in the end you will be the person who would be responsible for the choices you make or suggestions you take in. So all I am saying is think hard and then think again before choosing your partner or friends, because when the trial will become a back-breaker, it’s only a faithful friend and or a stallion partner who will get you through it.

Good night che.