Saturday, April 13, 2013

Religion a Fascistic Agenda

Today I received a message on what's app, which is hip social applications of smart phones, lets you chat, share pictures and always takes an average more than three and a half hours a day if you are an above-average user of the application. It was a long message, when I looked at it the first time I Scrolled it, it was a never ending message. So I turned a blind eye to it and started to concentrate on some important work until again I somehow again stumbled upon the message, this time I said to myself let's just read it. It started with something like this "while smoking his cigarette he puffed out some smoke into the air and said: God, that's for you and he died at the age of 32 of lung cancer in a horrible manner. Ahem! Really! Are you serious? Did the message mean that the young fellow died because of giving some arrogant comment to "GOD", and not because probably the person might have had weak lungs or might be 'chain smoker'. Does the message comply that if he was a priest or a religious person with similar health condition and similar smoking habit would have lived a hundred years? Please spare me this fascistic agenda of whoever wanted to spread this "Fear to God" concept.

 What's worse is that it had many examples of the God "The Almighty" punishing the non-believers. So it went from killing an actress in her own room then making ex-vocalist choke on his own vomit and also burning the journalist alive, beyond recognition because she quoted 'Bible' was the worst book ever. Hmm! I am wondering to myself shoot!, this person 'god' really have tiny threshold, and definitely doesn't like to be disrespected or joked upon. In fact, he carries an ultrasound microphone and has sharpest cameras in every home and just waits until someone disrespects or makes a joke and then he chooses sitting up in the sky, which button to press, red button for burning the human alive, green for drowning the human alive and so on and so forth, and then he presses the button 'boom' so long buddy I just sent you to hell to be fried alive'. To me this guy looks more like a 'contract killer' then someone whose sole purpose defined in the Bible, Quran or Bhagvad Geeta is the same generating faith in hardship, caring for loved ones, forgiving the people who makes sin, etc, god doesn't want you to fear him or obey him, his or its objectivity will always remain in bringing credence and belief in times of adversities.

So think about it before you give a 10 rupee note to some beggar who is 'fully capable of taking care of his or her needs', in the name of god, fear of god or maybe your just filthy rich in that case just press undo, or wasting litres of milk on the name of festivity rituals, if I understand him or he, then his will is something way different from what we perceive and frantically follow. Lastly, I forgot to mention the funniest example in that message was about the 'titanic', it stated that apparently the maker of the ship made a sarcastic comment quote "Not even God can sink it" . Really! Are you trying to say, just to sink the ship, god became the "iceberg" and stood there invisible until ship hit the mountain of ice,which resulted in sinking of the Titanic, which killed more than 2200 people, just because god had "ego issues". Its like god quoted 'How dare he say that', I can't sink the ship! Wait, I'll show him and of course, then he removed is 'killing the non-believers" machine and pressed the 'dark red' button stating 'sink the ship' peace!

Take care Che.