Friday, June 28, 2013

Progression of Depression!!!

What is the real meaning of Progressive? When is that a human realise the actuality of progressive behaviour? I guess as humans we have successfully presumed in an oblivious, who gives a F@@K Notion! That our world's natural reserves are not a gift, but our fricking birthright! Our nation's problem is just not its fiscal policies or bloodsucking corruption, but also constant depletion of our natural reserves. In this current dogmatic generation we all are highly influenced by absurd hunger for money. Sometimes I wonder that is money a financial instrument we made to make economic progress or is it an entity which makes the entire creed of advanced monkey's pole dance around it. Look around you! All I see is people fighting with people for money and then more money and then some more. Does true progress means making more banks so that they can print more money and have corporate sharks fighting over who gets more!

Let's see what Exxon, Indian Oil and Pacific Ocean are debating about?

Exxon - Hey 'IO' you know I have spilled more than million gallons of waste oil in Pacific Ocean; this shows how much developed our nation is and we are!!! Smirk!!

Pacific Ocean - L

Indian Oil - Shoot! Why dint our country’s government thought of invading Iraq after 26/11!

Pacific Ocean - but weren't those in-humans from Pakistan?

Indian Oil - Who gives a Damn! They all have beard, they all are bloody same! I just want to dump more loads of waste on your cousin Arabian! Because I love money!!

Pacific Ocean - L

True progress means reaching a technological advancement of obsolete free absoluteness and not how many banks the country have and how much money is in market circulation of a country. I am tired and I definitely need a new leader for my country, which is India the country with second fastest growing GDP and all that crap. A country in which more than 50% of all population are living in terrible mediocrity, artificial democracy and 99% dazed politicians.

Which brings me to a nation's hot debate Narendra Modi a hero or villain in a hero's mask? In my views as I remember when he started his career in RSS as a core Hindu activist, was not an epitome of progressive leadership to be inspired by, especially after the Godhra case. I agree the facet of the case was part of hyped up capital influenced journalism, well until now he is still scrutinized by the newspapers published from our capital, Ask yourself this question, why? You will get your answers. So I looked deep and I found that there was huge role of congress party to subdue the real facts and spread bias stories to sabotage a high octane politician (Modi). I will ask you this question how many riots have happened since we have purged the British rule, answer is, uncountable! Six major riots including the 1992 Mumbai and 1967 Bhagalpur Riots have until now zero percent conviction of convicts behind the plotting of riots, and I am not even talking about the convictions of masterminds with ambiguous purpose behind the riots, both the riots took place during the regime of congress, at least in Gujarat 2002 violence has some convictions. Thanks to one article I read which I will post the link below made me acquainted with these facts

There are recorded and document figures of total 245 riots since 1950 to 1995 in Gujarat alone where more than hundred thousand have died in vain! Yes! You are right that was the self-adopted Gandhi era.

Indira's era (337 Riots Total)

Rajiv's era (291 Riots total only) and

Last, but not the least our Chacha (Uncle) Nehru with a rose between his b....... era (243 Riots in total)

Many people will say, Ohh! We were in a lot of trouble then because of the partition! Then, remind yourself again that it was a decision of the president of Indian National congress of British ruled India


Record-breaking riots have happened during the time of congress rule and these figures are unbeatable in comparison to any democratic government in the world.

Think about it and ask yourself why only when I say 'the worst riots of India!' we remember Gujarat 2002 riots which was the only riot recorded in BJP and Narendra Modi's rule.

We are victims when we presume our thinking from what we see from TV News or certain newspaper which are issued and published in the capital because they want you to wag your tail and sit up when they want to! Now go fetch the Frisbee!!! Until then @2014 Vote for Modi as PM

Take care Che!

Please Please Please!! Click on this link to check all the true facts and figures about riots occurred and prepare yourself to be baffled!!!