Friday, June 14, 2013

Snowden The Unsung Hero 2013

Hey you, Right you! Yes you dumb, blind bonehead, I am talking to you! Can I get your attention. I am sorry I had to get your attention and there are precisely two ways of getting that its either to insult you or to transform myself into an attractive woman or a man with a hot chiseled body and upload my sexiest photo before I get to the actual point, and frankly first option sounded wisely convenient.

So great! Do we know who Edward Snowden is, wait, what did you say? No! He's not cousins with Katrina Bowden! You dimwit! Before I put across what I want to say, how many people like big-boss or brother or whatever! You know where those not so famous, fame hungry celebrities are caged in a house and live-feed is watched by millions of people around the world. It's funny and very addictive right! Now what if I tell you that there are a bunch of folks who have been watching what you were doing on the internet and wiretapped your personal phone-calls without any legal rights or notification or possible connection to any wrongdoing. If this violation of your privacy makes you angry, then I guess you should feel exasperated now because it's the next chain of emotion after being angry because it's already happened whilst you were enjoying watching games of thrones or a repeat episode of 90210 crap on your TV sets, relishing on cheese popcorn. After what I said go ahead, you can also feel foolish as well!

These are serious violations of civil liberties in a democratic country, which our oblivious government or pretending to be one doesn't give a rats ass. The prism program and through a mega machine called Boundless Informant which maps, indexes and organizes records of communication has more than 100 billion items of phone calls and internet data that was collected through this program which included countries like Egypt and India and US top enemy Iran and the person who made these leaks and all of us aware about these dubious intelligence program is Edward Snowden who currently is seeking asylum in Hong Kong, which is known for its absolute press freedom. Snowden you are just not a whistle-blower, you are a hero!.

Edward Snowden who was working for NSA as a technician left his high profile job as a System Administrator and luxurious life of Hawaii, in my views is not a fame hungry lunatic, but is a true civilian who has done imperative revelation. It's not surprising to me if he will be charged with "abetting the enemy" because he is staying in China now which ironically is their largest trading partner in the world. Our Government people talk in code language on TV it sounds great! When they justify such act, but when you will decode them they actually mean more like this "Trade with china! Yes that's fine, but how dare he made all of us aware that our civil liberties are being infringed, sitting in a cosy corner of china, he's not only enemy of the state, but the whole world and we will continue to crap on each and every one of your face!"

People like Julian Assange (owner of Wiki-leaks), Edward Snowden and journalists who make their stories reach to all the people are in a serious predicament doing what I presume as an act of humanity. In my views this is just the beginning! Take Care Che.

to know more about these spy programs  follow this article link -

Please make out some time to watch this interview of Edward Snowden, Kudos to this journalist for interviewing him!!!