Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The passionate cranky ones!!!

Sometimes I just sit up staring at my laptop, blank as a spotless whiteboard and question myself that can I really be in love with what I do after ten years will I remain a person still in love with creating awareness through my blog or any means of social media. I have no answer for those questions I love writing about life, progressive ideas and ideology, current Geo-political issues corruption, etc. Not just because I like it, but I feel deep moral obligation to do so. Will I remain as an individual who was faithful to his cause? His work? His passion? I don't know and frankly these thought rarely occur to me and for obvious reason today is an exception.

Most of the people fall in love with their work and seek a deeper connection to what they do and usually those are the only people who taste the real success and mind you in my views it's more like a polysemous word which every human will have its own ridiculous meaning! For some success means having the world's economy in your back-pocket and for some 'abhorrent control of power'. In my views success is a place where you feel alive and deeply gleeful. What's the point? When you have a BMW latest series and not even a single real friend to go for a drive in it. What's the point? When you have a pent house which has a perfect scenic twilight view and no comforting hand to hold on to or shoulders to lean on to enjoy the most euphoric moment of your life.

Life's pleasure will always be in its small details. A simple wish on your birthday by the last person you expected to remember, or an intoxicating hug from a friend who just knows you need it. In the world of competition it's sometimes worth winning to stop and look back and see what you left behind! In this world you will meet two kinds of people for sure! The first one who lives on a principle of keeping his or her personal and work life separate and the ones who will just be the opposite and mix things up, usually it will be your cranky colleague and in some cases an individual who just finishes his or her hours of work and will never sit idle and will always get angry on small things. Sometimes it's not the case where the person does not know how to compartmentalize his or her life, but these individuals are the people who are immensely passionate by nature, in their work, their love life, family, etc. They wither away in a dark place when their loved ones start to behave in a repugnant manner. It's only a matter of time when these individual become damaged and out of control if they are weak. You all know them, they are in your office, near a smoking area, sitting next to you in a coffee shop or writing a deeply felt post on their blogs. Yes! I am one of those individuals, although I don't consider myself weak, but being me, means being vulnerable to people who showcase false pretense of affection and love.

Ernesto "Che" Guevara said -
At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality.

 There is reason why word 'passion' comes in 'compassion' because without true passion for altruistic values you can never achieve true compassion. People who did outstanding service to their country where always people with highly passionate and deeply dwelled in philanthropic values. It was an economically weak person who always had an extra piece of bread to feed a hungry soul or a person who lived in a bathroom sized room, but still gracefully shared the space with a homeless individual. My writing gives me happiness, my cause gives me happiness and maybe that's why I know that I was meant to pursue different horizons in the realm of this exuberant circle of life. Depression is mostly a result of lost faith in your utmost deepest inner-passions and the only way to fight it, is not by stopping the flow of philanthropic love which comes to us naturally as humans, but to increase it by three times, four times, five times and more and mark my words the eventuality of this progressive behaviour will have zero percent chronic emotional illness in this world.

Until next time, take care Che.

Watch Dalai lama speak about finding your purpose and happiness through compassion.