Saturday, September 14, 2013

When it rains in September

When it rains in September,
residue from this ricochet is washed away,
brown pants are soaked in oblivion
lonely feet are dragging, but my heart just wishes to stay.
Wait one more minute, my ivory cloth isn't drenched yet,
essence of others were protruding solace smiles,
then I saw a troubled soul, I told him don't you fret.
life is uncertain like September rains. I moved away and so did he,
few steps away I looked back but I couldn't see.
My eyes closed in this ecstatic rain..... 

Life is uncertain in so many ways, can someone really tell what they would end up doing tomorrow, at the most you can plan it, but are you certain it will work the same way you envisioned. Everyone has a tiny doodle pad hidden in their brains and we all are artists in our own small way. We start drawing a beautiful art on our mental doodle pads as we start our day. If the day proceeds and your painting is turning out to be messy and sloppy, then don't panic just press Ctrl Z and start over again. Every human is entitled to make mistakes period! 

Ecstasy of Rains

Rains in September are the perfect example that life is uncertain and the best part is that we accept it from somewhere within and you can see that, when it starts to rain at the most unexpected time and you're without your umbrella coming back home after an exhausting day, you will still get a smile on your face when those pristine droplets of joy fall on your face. Some of you may run to take a shelter, but like a body under hypnosis your hands will leave the shade to feel the pure ecstasy of rains.

The Split-side 

Just like how a mattress gets very heavy when it is completely soaked in water, similarly we all carry a heavy baggage sometimes in our life, someone's unexpected death, sourness of broken trust or sometimes anger for annoying boss who gets sick pleasure in making you wait for no reason! For these people an unexpected rain is more like sprinkling salt on fresh wounds. Some people will look up, don't know why and start swearing like as if someone above has actually forgotten to close the shower "Damn you ass-wipe!"

I believe rains have telepathic connectivity to our emotions, it can trigger our moods and either be a tormenting agent or a relaxing one. It can make us cry or smile or both at the same time, but most importantly when it rains in September it teaches us that life will always be full of surprises and horrors and every step you will meet Mr. Uncertainty and he may take your best friends away, your loved ones away or he may even send a fire-breathing dragon informally known as boss in your life. All you need to do is just like how you smiled when it rained, when you were least expecting it, just smile!

Good Night Che!